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Improve CMS Star Ratings

HEDIS mobile-eXam enables you to close elusive HEDIS gaps-in-care and improve your CMS Star Ratings to increase plan reimbursement.

Increase the Value of Member Engagement

HEDIS mobile-eXam leverages your existing HEDIS analytics to spotlight high-value gaps-in-care that can be closed in member encounters.

Promote Prevention

Use HEDIS mobile-eXam to record screening results and coordinate follow-up on conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and COPD. This preventive approach saves you from encounters in hospitals, urgent care and other costly clinical facilities.

Why Choose HEDIS mobile-eXam?


HEDIS mobile-eXam provides mobility.

Engaging members to close clinical gaps-in-care is difficult, particularly for the segment of your population who are historically non-compliant with recommended screenings. Our iPad-based app allows you to easily operate in the community and interact with members in their own environment, while maintaining access to each member’s HEDIS gap-in-care data.

HEDIS mobile-eXam streamlines operations.

Our comprehensive solution provides secure transfer of clinical data to your source systems, generates orders, labs, member results, and produces insightful reports.

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A few of HEDIS mobile-eXam’s Features

A Greener Solution

Eliminate paper, save time and capture accurate results with mobile-eXam


Visual Dashboard

A dashboard for a real-time snapshot of members being screened


Innate Security

Role-based permissions to prevent unauthorized access

Streamlined Operation

Members check-in, sign consent forms, screenings are recorded and check out – all on the tablet device


Updated Information

Verify member demographic information is up-to-date


Wireless Printing

Print member results and other legal documents

Flexibility & Scalability

Leverage architecture for mobile to enterprise connectivity


Data Integration

mobile-eXam links with backend systems


Detailed Reports

View reports via web interface to keep track of progress

Who Uses mobile-eXam?

Health Plans

Managed Care Organizations use HEDIS mobile-eXam to improve HEDIS rates for all lines of business, while Medicare Advantage plans simultaneously improve HEDIS and CMS Star Rankings.

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What Others Are Saying

  • "The truly innovative aspect is that it’s not just an iPad in place of paper; its a holistic solution that intergrates multiple processes and backend systems."
    Medicare Managed Client